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It is an organism of people, forming a society of different nationalities, languages and cultures, who are united by a number of characteristics related to the belief in the existence of other forms of intelligent life, different from our earthly one, and that these forms of life, made themselves known at the least expected moment of human existence in a way that is difficult to explain by conventional fields of modern science.

Living in a modern world set on deep foundations of ignorance, despite abundant and difficult to dispute evidence, they are shunned, considered to be out of their minds, or freaks wanting attention.

Brief history

The story begins at the site where the ruins of the ancient city of Arkaim were found. At the turn of 1965-68, a group of independent researchers together with several scientists with the initial reluctant support of the local authorities found traces of former settlers who had witnessed, as in the case of the ancient Sumerians, events associated with the activity of the appearance of unidentified flying objects in this place.

The group, which was initially made up of experienced researchers and scientists, was supported by several active and retired military personnel.

From interviews with residents of the surrounding villages, it was learned that this phenomenon has been going on since time immemorial and that there are still people alive who have not only seen, but have also had direct contact with the creatures that regularly visit the site.

According to witnesses' accounts, their appearance and contact with some people was intended to create a human organism that would take care of transmitting information about the existence of another form of intelligent life.

Since then, in spite of many difficulties from various sides, the organisation of a community, a nation, which is characterised by a different kind of consciousness - it is a cosmic consciousness -

The creation of this social organism was included in the Lisbon Message of 14 February 2021.

Criteria in the admission process:

1) It is for people who are characterised by an awareness of our human deep integration with the cosmos, and in particular the existence of
extraterrestrial beings from whom life on Earth originated.
2) It is for people who have personally experienced a contact/close encounter with an alien intelligence.
3) It is for people whose intuition tells them that we are not alone in the universe.
4) It is for people who are not limited by doctrinal or dogmatic conditions.
5) It is for people who enjoy the freedom of the Royal Society's motto: "don't take anyone's word for it". It expresses a determination to resist the dominance of authority and to verify all statements by reference to facts established by experiment.

Benefits of membership status:
There are many people who are described as stateless, i.e. a person who, for various reasons, does not identify with any state and its organised political-religious form.
Having an interterritorial independent nationality of Cosmic Consciousness allows one to remain neutral in many social issues.which are subject to changes most often unfavourable to personal life and development.

The Interterritorial Free and Independent Nation of Cosmic Consciousness is open to: stateless people, people who feel alienated in their own country, people who are subject to the established laws in their own country but, unlike the rest of society, their understanding of statehood differs from the modern and general definition of a state, people who, because of their unconventional beliefs about their origins, are marginalized in society and hindered in the process of self-realization because of dogmatic or doctrinal restrictions.

All those who identify with any of these points can join the Independent Nation of Cosmic Consciousness and become its member/citizens.

Each applicant for citizenship/membership, receives an ID Card and a certificate to be printed and kept in a safe place.

The fee for processing and granting nationality/membership is $25 includes: issuance of the Identity Document, certificate, postage by registered mail - a copy is sent by email, organising local and international meetings for the community.

Our existence and activities are fully supported by internationally established laws, including:

1948-12-10 United Nations – Universal Declaration of Human Rights;

1966-12-16 United Nations – International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights;

1969-05-23 United Nations – Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties;

1976-07-04 Algiers Charter – Universal Declaration of the Right of Peoples;

1986-03-21 Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties between States and International Organizations;

1961-04-18 Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations;

More information coming soon.

Additional information:


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