There was a time when mankind was far from understanding the messages of the Creators..
Our brains are subject to "updates" that are sent to us from time to time. This happens so that we can perceive not only their presence, but also what they have to tell us.
The transmissions of information are made through people of their choice, by telepathic means. These people are designated by them as Transmitters.
The purpose of the transmission is to free people from the power of the energy of the beings called "Archons"
These beings claim to be Creators, and the messages of the religions about those who created us are mostly a bunch of n ... Read more »

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We would like to inform you that the first part of the message received in Lisbon will appear before the summer vacations.
The second piece of information is that just like last year, we invite you to the summer meeting on July 23rd in Lisbon, during which you can participate in the Transmission of the Genetic Sequence, the Creators of man, who are present in our lives every day. 
We will also be passing on a message from Ottawa, where one Portuguese family lives, who has received information that will put you in the chair.


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