Our Cosmic Identity

Life on Earth was created by the interference of an extraterrestrial highly advanced biotechnological civilisation whose representatives (scientists), and auxiliary research staff regularly visit Earth.


Ratürian Movement

We are a Movement convinced of the origin of life on earth from another space-time continuum.


Traditional Religions Are No Longer Needed

- A New Generation of Cosmic Consciousness is Coming -


With the beginning of "2021" in one of the messages appeared information about the creation of a free and independent organized nation among unorganized or unaffiliated people who have witnessed close contact with extraterrestrials, who in many cases have made cures of various diseases, or helped in an undefined manner inexplicable to logic and science.

The foundation of the resulting nation is the Charter of Foundation of the Interplanetary Federation, which governs the basis of a free and independent nation.
The members of the Free and Independent Earth Nation of the Founding Fathers of the Interplanetary Space Federation are united primarily by the common experiences and culture of cosmic consciousness, represented and exhibited by the concepts of transhumanism and the secular worldview.

F&IEN members are not united by any ideology, but by the common development of technological projects that facilitate human life.
From the legal point of view, according to international law the subject with the right to self-determination is the people as a separate entity from the state.
The principle of self-determination of peoples is a norm of general international law, i.e. a norm with legal effects (rights and obligations) for the entire community of states.
Moreover, this principle is also a norm of "ius cogens", or supreme law: this means that it is a supreme and inalienable principle of international law, which cannot be derogated from by an international convention.
Therefore, a nation has the right to self-determination and to choose its own political system, regardless of whether it is subject to foreign domination.

In this case, the political system of the
F&IEN is a multi-process technological humanism, which nurtures the development of science and technology to facilitate human life and fights against the absurd laws that political systems create for their own satisfaction, often corrupt to the core, and which burden societies with unbearable burdens that cause general social discontent.

The definition created by Federico Chabod, The Idea of a Nation, Laterza, Bari in 1961, is interpreted by us in the sense that
F&IEN goes back to and invokes the distant antiquity, which was the cradle of most of the modern technological goods enjoyed by various human traditions and cultures at the turn of the millennium.
F&IEN leans towards the coherence of these goods and rejects the abstract rigidity of political and religious commitments.
Some authors, such as Jürgen Habermas, treat the concept of nation as a free social contract between nations or between individuals forming a country, recognizing themselves in a common constitution through the concept of a "membership group".
It follows that a nation exists to the extent that it finds its place in the consciousness of the members that compose it.
Therefore, a nation is a collective of individuals (people) aware that they are linked by common experiences, experiences, aspirations and future.
In the case of 
F&IEN it is specifically a "stateless nation", because people who have experienced close contacts with different representatives of cosmic races belong to or come from different regions of the Earth.
All those with their beliefs based on their experiences of close contact with extraterrestrials, can become members above the state of
F&IEN and receive its nationality.