Our Cosmic Identity

Life on Earth was created by the interference of an extraterrestrial highly advanced biotechnological civilisation whose representatives (scientists), and auxiliary research staff regularly visit Earth.


Ratürian Movement

We are a Movement convinced of the origin of life on earth from another space-time continuum.


Traditional Religions Are No Longer Needed

- A New Generation of Cosmic Consciousness is Coming -


- religions are a primitive cycle of thought formed at a time when science was not yet sufficiently developed.
- They are priests of various sorts who mostly ignore thinking and have been doing the same movements and gestures for centuries, repeating the same sacred formulas and using mythological messages. This gives them an opportunity to keep people in mindless obedience. Religion is a kind of virus that infects individuals and countries.
Religion undeniably divides people.
Religions exploit people, falsify history and statements of famous people to their advantage, wage wars, impose their vision of life on
the general people; it is brazen, arrogant and ruthless. Religion
closes people's minds to the world and the universe.
It runs away from complex moral issues, because religions have nothing
to do with morality and responsibility.
Everything is explained by religion: natural disasters, personal
successes, but also the loss of loved ones - "it was God's will", or
"God wanted it that way", "nothing happens without God's will", "God's
judgments are unknown".

One religion stands against other religion, accusing each other of heresy; this means that a person professing any religion will always be considered a heretic in the eyes of the follower of the other faith. Such is the world of religion and such is the world of politics.