Our Cosmic Identity

Life on Earth was created by the interference of an extraterrestrial highly advanced biotechnological civilisation whose representatives (scientists), and auxiliary research staff regularly visit Earth.


Ratürian Movement

We are a Movement convinced of the origin of life on earth from another space-time continuum.


Traditional Religions Are No Longer Needed

- A New Generation of Cosmic Consciousness is Coming -


Humanity has always looked at the stars, on them they looked for extraordinary events, destinies, origins, they admired the stars and, sometimes, captured them in the form of poetry, thus wanting to express its admiration for the universe. Religious writings did it in a somewhat similar way, but the words of this manifesto go much further than they do, as they lead to the awakening of the essence of man who, led by various religious indications, got lost in their diversity and lost the most important thing: who he is, where he comes from and where is it going. Many of the answers to these questions were deformed by religions, which began to usurp the right of exclusivity in the correct translation of ancient messages, which, mostly using people's ignorance, imposed on them the obligation to believe in the texts they interpreted, without examining their origin or usefulness.


The main points of the Manifest:
Regarding social issues.
1) We are convinced of the need to detoxify from religion.

2) We are convinced that religious or believing persons who consider the Internet or scientific discoveries to be the work of "the devil", "Satan" or evil should, with the full firmness and maturity of their convictions, keep away from them.

3) We are convinced that according to the natural order, as well as the social order, human life must always be in the foreground in order to save, sustain life and help by all possible means for the good of the human being.

4) We consider it a great absurdity to favor animals, which have their place among humans, but should not be above them.

5) We are convinced that another kind of contagion is the value of "like" or "dislike" in most internet services, from Facebook to professional life. This seems absurd to us because life and its situations are too complex for us to value them with a click of a "like" or "dislike".

6) We are convinced of free access to information about health, well-being, nutrition, etc.

7) We are convinced of restricting the activities of religious denominations that have been investigated and proven to have abused minors. The rights of the clergy of these denominations, as well as their institutions, should be drastically curtailed or preferably removed altogether in cases of contact with children.

8) We are convinced that a person seeking public office should, like a person applying for a driver's license, undergo robust psychological testing of his or her mental capacity to make social decisions. In this way, the world would avoid many lunatics. 

Regarding philosophical-religious issues
1) The belief that we live in free, secular countries where constitutional laws guarantee constructive polemics is an abstraction - just look at the next calendar "year" and the number of religious holidays, and other, more personal issues.

2) We are convinced that all books and sacred writings of existing for millennia religions convey (codified) information, which has been transformed, deformed by religious institutions changing many ancient terms and names, adding to them (as in the case of the Catholic Church) elements of Greek, Egyptian and Babylonian mythology, which themselves contain many messages confirming life in solar systems other than our own.

3) We are convinced that the various political and religious bodies that have existed throughout history have concealed and are concealing facts concerning the existence of extraterrestrials to which they had and have easier access than anyone else. In doing so, they keep people unaware of this fact.

4) The followers of various religious sects, but especially Christian ones, use exorcisms to cast out so-called demons. Sumerian writings speak, for example, of Pazuzu and other beings that have nothing to do with the theology of Christian religions. These beings, as understood by Catholic and Christian theologians, are considered spirits that contribute to the possession of a person and, in some cases to his death; but how do these Christian mindless clergymen want to free a possessed person from a being coming from another astrophysical dimension? By means of prayers? What kind and to whom are those prayers directed?
The analysis and story of Ed and Loren Warren in the book "The World Famous Exorcism Team", may bring many skeptics closer to this question.

5) We do not regard the so-called religious scriptures as inspired, but rather as certain historical and pseudo-historical records (some of them full of fantasy) that show the primitive faith of people who lacked scientific knowledge to explain many things. Thus we regard the spiritualists of these religions, including the so-called exorcists and demonologists, as people in whom the process of schizophrenia has developed and is progressing.

6) Our Movement is convinced that in the present time of technological and civilization development international organizations and others should not use calendar dates of counting time according to Christian terminology out of respect to non-believers or any other worldview.

7) We are convinced  that the use of the holy books of religions should be restricted and in many cases forbidden to the general public because of texts that contain incitement to violence, breed religious fanaticism, and lack of tolerance for other worldviews.

8) We support, maintain and are convinced that religions are an unnecessary element of modern civilization, at the same time recognizing as an expression of insolence the statement that the so-called Christian civilization is the best and most civilized. This civilization has brought people all over the world a great deal of suffering in various forms, not to mention its negative attitude towards all discoveries in the fields of astronomy, medicine, and other scientific disciplines that have developed over the centuries.

9)  We are convinced that none of the so-called saviors brought relief to mankind, but only brought teachings that began to be interpreted differently, and their interpretations brought only wars and divisions. None of them or the teachings they brought have brought happiness to mankind, they have not removed diseases, but they have brought intellectual discomfort and spread a morbid state of mind - fanaticism, dictatorship, despotism and intolerance.

Regarding the issues of life and extraterrestrial reality
1) We are convinced that life on Earth was transported from another space-time continuum.

2) We believe that extraterrestrials created the first human species, which over time has evolved into its present form.

3) We are convinced that beings from other time-spaces - multidimensional beings - live among us, taking human form as needed, and that some of the great inventors were their representatives: through genetic combination, telepathic transmission, or a process of multi-step encounters.

4) We are convinced that with their highly developed and unknown and unattainable for us, humans, technology they can be visible or invisible. This includes interplanetary objects that can be perceived instinctively through unexplained things.

5) We are in favor of granting status as an "abducted person" or "person under a program of medical and governmental care" to those who have directly witnessed various contact with extraterrestrials.

6) We believe that the differences between the current races (intellectual, artistic, technological, scientific, cultural, traditional) are related to genetic variations and racial mixtures that have weakened the genetic code of the first human species, and that these differences are derived from the various alien races that have visited Earth throughout history.

7) We are convinced that every human being has the ability to telepathically (including physically) perceive signals from beyond the earth and signals sent by representatives of various cosmic races residing in our reality in human form.

Regarding moral, technological and future issues
1) At the turn of thousands of years, various races of extraterrestrials have come to Earth, called by people as "those who came from heaven to earth", "those who came from the stars", "those who came from on high". These races, with the help of technologically advanced genetic engineering, created life on Earth, including people they created in their own image and likeness.

2) An open-minded person is able to accept and understand a cosmic consciousness that has no beginning and no end, in which there is no concept of god except in the minds of men, in which this god concept arose through a distorted interpretation of one religion or another.

3) There are no concepts in the universe: good and evil, they belong only to the formed structures of earthly religious beliefs. The same is true about the term spirituality, which is also alien in a universe ruled by omnipresent cosmic energy. 

4) The state of immortality or eternal life is a part of the extraterrestrial existence of people guaranteed by our Creators under certain conditions; however, it does not cover all of them. This part is a one-time event in life and takes place on the basis of testimony, activation and transmission of the genetic sequence in an energetic transfer manner to the Creators through the person of the Transmitter to the designated one who appoints subsequent transmitters
from among men and women as needed. 

5) Recognition of our Cosmic Parents and thus our identity gives us the opportunity to take full advantage of what is prepared for us not only here on Earth, but also later in the endless and immortal reality of the universe. People who
attend other types of ceremonies are destined to live in the presence of those to whom they have entrusted their energy life. 

6) There is no religious dimension on Earth that can be classified as infinite or leads to a harmonious coexistence of people. This is due to the diversification of energy messages throughout human history by different races of extraterrestrials. 

7) The present day, and in it the development of many new scientific disciplines, thanks to which the consciousness of people evolves to higher levels of cognition of the reality that surrounds us, allows us to have access to take steps in establishing multidimensional and inter-spatial connection. 

8) Our Movement is for the promotion of transhumanism, new technologies, including the current ones, those in the process of development and not yet implemented for widespread use, projects still under development.

Humanity has already undergone many processes of change, some of which pointed to the heights of development, others to the heights of stupidity, which have extended to the present time and there is hardly any downward trend. No God, savior or prophet is welcome on Earth; part of mankind has already experienced their actions in many forms. They are not needed by the intelligent person, but only by those who cannot understand what it
means to think and act for their own good and for the good of their loved ones in ensuring their happiness and survival. This can be understood when a man opens himself to the world around him, but also to the universe and its size, in which he can participate.