Our Cosmic Identity

Life on Earth was created by the interference of an extraterrestrial highly advanced biotechnological civilisation whose representatives (scientists), and auxiliary research staff regularly visit Earth.


Ratürian Movement

We are a Movement convinced of the origin of life on earth from another space-time continuum.


Traditional Religions Are No Longer Needed

- A New Generation of Cosmic Consciousness is Coming -


1) Are We a Sect?
The word sect is a favorite statement of dominant religions directed at newly formed denominational or worldview groups that have separated themselves from the main body-institution. In the modern world, every
religion is a sect, regardless of its name, which separated itself from the source of the original revelation from which it disconnected itself, modified, rejected, which waged wars to impose its way of thinking on other people. So were the early Christians, who are called a sect in their own writings. Our Movement is not a religious one, it does not worship extraterrestrials, it has no clergy, no holy writings, no dogmas or teachings that are found in religions. If any representative of the dominant religions speaks about his own faith group or worldview organization as the only true one, and speaks about the rest as sects, such a person is arrogant and displays a childish "my daddy is better than your daddy" mindset.

2) How do I know that the Message contains a description of true events?
The question of U.F.O. is not about faith, but about fact, and many scholars have spoken in this area. Additional things that can be used as confirmation are the religious writings of different religions, in which much information on this subject can be found. Testimonies of people abducted by alien beings, results of medical examinations stating various anomalies in them, whether in the matter of experiments conducted on them by these beings, or sudden and unexplained by science healings or abilities.

3) Isn't this sometimes a fantasy effect?
No. Otherwise we could just as well say that the cases of, for example, Marian apparitions or miracles in other religions than Christianity should also be attributed to fantasy or try to explain them with the help of analyses in psychiatry and neurology.

The founder of the Movement, who has academic degrees, has traveled for many years deepening his information in the field of psychology of religion, beliefs, myths and other subjects. His personal experience with extraterrestrials years ago, conversations with people from different countries decided to change his view of the world and share his experience with interested people.

4) About religions 
What does it mean to be a member of a religion or to profess a particular religion? Being a member of a religion means professing certain teachings from a distant past, where the beliefs founded and understood according to the mentality of the time prevailed. These beliefs were accompanied by rites that described the truths of the faith.

5) Reconstructionist groups
We are convinced that all groups, churches, communities, assemblies etc. they are rather groups for the reconstruction of primitive Christianity and have little to do with the primary message of that already divided Christianity.

6) What is a reconstructionist group? 
It is a group that recreates something that existed in the past, but only in appearance, as it is difficult to talk about the spiritual sphere combined with the mentality and "spirituality" of the original audience.