Our Cosmic Identity

Life on Earth was created by the interference of an extraterrestrial highly advanced biotechnological civilisation whose representatives (scientists), and auxiliary research staff regularly visit Earth.


Ratürian Movement

We are a Movement convinced of the origin of life on earth from another space-time continuum.


Traditional Religions Are No Longer Needed

- A New Generation of Cosmic Consciousness is Coming -



It is an organism of people, forming a society of different nationalities, languages and cultures, who are united by a number of characteristics related to the belief in the existence of other forms of intelligent life, different from our earthly one, and that these forms of life, made themselves known at the least expected moment of human existence in a way that is difficult to explain by conventional fields of modern science.

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At the Beginning of the Path You have been searching for something in your life.... you sense it, you feel it there in the depths of your mind, in the depths of your heart, but you don't know what it is. deep in your mind, deep in your heart, but you don't know what it is..... Something very important has been hidden from you, it is something that is deep inside of you .... it is your Real essence and the Real essence of the World. Real essence of the World.

Every Real essence is also a Infinite essence. You have been denied and concealed that which unites you to the that which unknowingly unites you to the Higher, that which unites you to the Infinite, that which you have always sought without knowing it. That which you seek has been there since time immemorial. Right now it is here, but you cannot see it. You ... Read more »

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Ratürian-Message, is a blog where we post articles related to the Transmission received in Lisbon. We hope you find them interesting and that they encourage you to learn more about the Movement and the Transmissions, which for various reasons could not be made public last year.
We also encourage you to correspond with us. We would like to remind you that applications for joining the Movement are available for download. Until we hear from you on the Star Route!


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There was a time when mankind was far from understanding the messages of the Creators..
Our brains are subject to "updates" that are sent to us from time to time. This happens so that we can perceive not only their presence, but also what they have to tell us.
The transmissions of information are made through people of their choice, by telepathic means. These people are designated by them as Transmitters.
The purpose of the transmission is to free people from the power of the energy of the beings called "Archons"
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We would like to inform you that the first part of the message received in Lisbon will appear before the summer vacations.
The second piece of information is that just like last year, we invite you to the summer meeting on July 23rd in Lisbon, during which you can participate in the Transmission of the Genetic Sequence, the Creators of man, who are present in our lives every day. 
We will also be passing on a message from Ottawa, where one Portuguese family lives, who has received information that will put you in the chair.


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On July 23rd, near Lisbon, where the first meeting with representatives of Extraterrestrial Life took place and where the transmission of the Message from the Extraterrestrials took place by telepathy, there will be a meeting for the transmission of the genetic sequence through the Transmitter Ratü.

The Transmission of the Genetic Sequence [TGS] was started in the 60s in Russia in the Ural Mountains region.

Since then until today, people who energetically feel the need to transmit the genetic sequence, meet to meet other people and their experiences that are incomprehensible to modern science and scientists.

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